Fearless Creativity Workshop

Everyone is creative and whether you view yourself as a “creative-type” or feel challenged in this area, we all can develop our creativity to make a difference in our lives and in the world. Treat your group or community to this 2-3 hour workshop and exploration into creativity, problem solving and the creative process.

Participants will…

  • play creativity games
  • learn new skills to boost creative expression
  • tame their inner critic
  • discover core values
  • write a song and think outside of the box



It was a pleasure working with the delightful Claudia Carawan who served as retreat musician for our Regional Fall Uniteen retreat. Her perfect selection of songs for our middle schoolers to perform allowed the teens to shine… Claudia was prepared, flexible and unflappable. Working with her throughout the weekend felt relaxed and easy. She really helped make the retreat a unique and fun, spiritual experience for our young teens.

-Jane Harden, Youth Consultant, Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region

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