Workshops & Retreats

Claudia teaches a variety of classes and workshops.   These learning experiences are interactive and hands on.

Women's Retreats

Claudia facilitates annual women’s empowerment events at Serenity Farm in Maidens, Virginia. These retreats are a valuable resource for women to gather together to learn, laugh, reflect and renew in a loving, supportive environment.

This year’s event is called Finding Our Voices and is scheduled for March 27-28, 2020.  This transformative gathering is co-facilitated by Marsha Andrews & Gail Courville (two insightful teachers) and together we will explore the theme of “stepping into our power."   Space is limited. Email Claudia for more details and to register.

Fearless Creativity Workshop

Everyone is creative and whether you view yourself as a “creative-type” or feel challenged in this area, we all can develop our creativity to make a difference in our lives and in the world. Treat your group or community to this 2-3 hour workshop and exploration into creativity, problem solving and the creative process.

Participants will…

  • play creativity games
  • learn new skills to boost creative expression
  • tame their inner critic
  • discover core values
  • write a song and think outside of the box

Positively Soulful Singing

If you want to learn more about the art of singing, this workshop is for you. This class is for singers and non-singers alike.  As a group and individually, participants will discover their unique sound. We will move our bodies, breathe deeply,  wake-up, warm-up and work-out our voices (using proven vocal exercises) and give ourselves permission to sing with joy, freedom and soul.

Recording with GarageBand

This workshop is offered to owners of Apple computers, iPhones, and iPads who want to learn how to create and record original music and/or demos onto their devices using the GarageBand application.   This is an introductory class that will quickly teach participants the basics of recording using GarageBand.   

Creative, Dynamic Music Ministry

This workshop/class is offered to music directors, choir directors, ministers and those in music ministry.  The music program is the heart of your spiritual community.  In this workshop Claudia will facilitate brainstorming and open discussion on a variety of topics ranging from: Great Music on a Tight Budget, Building a Band, Creating Awesome Musical Moments, Song-leading, Amping up the Fun Factor, Relationships within your Music Team and any other topic that might come up.

It was a pleasure working with the delightful Claudia Carawan who served as retreat musician for our Regional Fall Uniteen retreat. Her perfect selection of songs for our middle schoolers to perform allowed the teens to shine… Claudia was prepared, flexible and unflappable. Working with her throughout the weekend felt relaxed and easy. She really helped make the retreat a unique and fun, spiritual experience for our young teens.

-Jane Harden, Youth Consultant, Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region