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Claudia Carawan’s award-winning, 12-song collection about faith is filled with heart-felt lyrics & powerful performances.

I Rise in You
The Truth About Wings
Keep my Faith
As You Believe
The Song is You
Making More Room for God
More Than You Know


Fearless Reviews

When an artist is inspired, you can feel the emotion in their music. The lyrics and melody possess a richness, a depth that goes beyond the simple arrangement of notes. You can feel the emotion in Claudia Carawan’s music…her latest CD Fearless, is a masterpiece.
-Nancy Clark, author, www.freewebs.com/nancy-clark/links.htm

…the lyrics moved me out of my rut and into the realm of life-affirming, life changing vibration. Outstanding!
-Toni, Chesterfied, VA

Fearless review excerpt from Sound Connections, February, 2009
Positively Soulful, inspirational and rockin’! From the opening high energy salvo of drums, keyboard and guitar on the title song to the reflective closer, “Legacy”, Claudia’s pristine pop production and vocal delivery give a genuine world class feel to this new collection of classic Posi music. Claudia touches on many topics that would find their way into Unity and New Thought services. And she varies the styles and tempos so seamlessly that you never get bored or restless listening. In fact, I found myself eagerly anticipating the next song, not knowing what to expect… Claudia is a joyful singer whose voice has many timbres and styles. The musicians she collected to back her up on this CD will hold their own against any mainstream pros. If your church has a band, you will have a blast learning and performing these tunes. If you are a one-person music department, never fear, there is enough beauty and simplicity in the well-crafted songs for you to harvest many gems.
-Richard Mekdeci, Empower Music and Arts

Regarding the CD Fearless it is exceptional, professional, all heart, original, wonderful and incredibly uplifting. Claudia writes most of her own songs. Unlike many spiritually-motivated songsters who calm and soothe, this woman’s music is upfront, real and powerful, and authentically moving. Her creation is exactly what we need to get us up on our feet and doing all that we can and more. “Fearless” is the perfect music for what is happening today. My husband and I have a copy and we play it often. Highly recommended!
-P.M.H. Atwater, Author www.pmhatwater.com

Fearless is vibrant and full of energy – production quality is so good I thought that I was listening to a major recording artist like Amy Grant. Claudia has star quality with a broad range of vocal ability, with perfect synchronicity between beat and content. Every cut is a cut above. I plan to keep this CD in my car.
-Rev. Chris Chenoweth, www.PositiveChristianity.org

I listened to your CD Fearless for the first time tonight. There are just no adjectives to describe how awesome.
-Dottie, Richmond, VA

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  1. Deborah Stelmach

    Claudia sings from the heart. Each song on this CD is uplifting and empowering. Claudia has a beautiful voice and is a gifted songwriter. The title song “Fearless” should be an anthem for every believer. “The truth about Wings” is should be sung to every child in the world to encourage them to soar. When I feeling a little weary, I can lift my spirits. I just reach for a CD and get a dose of Claudia.

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